Families and Small Groups

This field tour option is designed for families and small groups like Boy or Girl Scout troops. It is in two parts presented at The Sands Beach and Port Royal shrimp docks featuring:

The World between the Tides

Explore the Mysteries and Marvels of the Intertidal Zone

The greatest salt marsh tidal ranges (distance between high and low tide lines) from southern Maine to the Florida Keys occur in South Carolina’s Port Royal Sound Estuary. The salt marsh intertidal zone is a world unto itself at low tide and to explore it with Lowcountry Estuarium staff is an eye-opening, if somewhat muddy, adventure of discovery.

 Learn how the intertwined life cycles of oysters and marsh grass are central to the health and vitality of the estuary and all that inhabit it. Observe how an oyster rake is a living metropolis supporting billions of inhabitants and visitors alike.

 As an added treat you’ll be able to search a dredge spoil beach for 50m year old shark teeth and fossils.

 Live Caught Wild American Shrimp

The Fascinating Route from Ocean to Tidal Creek to Plate

Introduction to the fascinating life cycles of white and brown shrimp harvested locally both commercially and recreationally. You will visit a local dock to observe shrimp boats and their rigging and learn how they operate.

Learn the health issues concerning foreign farm raised shrimp and what environmental issues threaten local wild shrimp habitat. The program will conclude with instruction on when, where and how to throw a cast net.

Program length: 2 hrs. Fee $15 per person, $150 minimum.

Note: Bookings are time of tide dependent.